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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

Originally from Baghdad, Iraq, Ameer Almaliki has made a local name for himself as an influencer and Men’s fashion store owner. Ameer’s store houses the latest in men’s fashion and his vision to create menswear and a lifestyle brand has taken him to many places around the world, at just 30 years old. 


After launching online, followed by a physical store opening in Massachusetts, Ameer seeks to create an inclusive community where every man has the opportunity to present the best versions of themselves through style, grooming and culture.

Shortly after moving to United States in 2015 Ameer launched his blog to serve as a creative platform, share his ideas and lifestyle with the purpose to inspire others. Through his hard work and dedication he has grown his following to over 100,000 across all social media platforms and collaborative with several brands such as Express, Movado, Reebok and Psychobunny. 

Ameer intends on continue pushing the envelope of men’s fashion and growing into a worldwide brand. He hopes to share his success as an inspiration to anyone he may come in contact with that anything is possible and your dreams can become a reality. 

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